Indie Author Journey 2016 #2

Last month I posted a short piece introducing the collaborative project I’m involved with as one of the Interesting Authors This month, we’ve expanded our reach by establishing the Interesting Authors Blog.  Since each of us already has a personal blog (for me it is this one), we thought we’d try something different.  Each of us posts something on different days each week.  It can be anything, but we aren’t selling a service, we aren’t marketing our novels, and we don’t have any links on the blog for purchasing books and novels.  What we do have are some interesting posts. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.09.16 PM

Does having a blog serve as part of the Interesting Authors marketing strategy?  Maybe, but we think it could become something more – a place to interact with people who aren’t shy about about expressing their opinions about interesting topics.  For some of us it serves as another opportunity to write on topics appealing to a different audience of readers.

One of my objectives is to develop a monthly theme so that each of my posts conform to a loose structure.  Other contributing authors are taking a different approach. In fact one of them is challenging the broader audience to participate and do some writing of their own.  If you’re reading this you’ll definitely want to drop by the i.a. blog.

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