Book Review: Relic II: Resurrection by Jonathan Brookes

Hooked on Thals

Brookes hooked me with the prequel, Relic and now having been captivated by Relic II : Resurrection, I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Isn’t that what every fiction 51Vpy8BKyeL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_author of a good series wants to hear from their readers? I hope Mr. Brookes gets the message because his creative talents and imagination came through once again in this latest novella that picks up where Relic left off.

A secret military project to clone super warriors from the DNA of Neanderthals got out of hand and was presumably terminated without a trace of it ever having existed, with one exception…. In the opening passage, prominent characters from Relic re-emerge, General Holbrooke is at odds with Colonel Birchwood, the one survivor of all attempts to terminate the super secret research and development program once and for all. In the middle was the not so innocent surrogate mother of the unborn offspring that would raise questions, eyebrows, and eventually draw attention to a failed attempt at covering up the program.

Brookes does a fantastic job of developing the perfect set of characters to act out the drama of what would become of a Neanderthal new born known to be different by a select few. Captain Robert Gordon is assigned to contain the project and keep Birchwood from gaining access to the newborn. What happens as the story progresses is a series of unexpected subplots that hug tight to the overall story and beg for a third installment. Mr. Brookes, your readers are eagerly waiting. Give us another!

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