Fellow Author Support

One of my favorite activities as an independent author is corresponding with other like minded readers/writers.  Most of the independent authors I’ve established relations with have of late become expert in the art of social media networking.  Our mutual objective is to get our work in front of a reading audience.

After seeing how fellow author Jonathan Brookes is ramping into this brave new world of “indie authoring/marketing,” yes, “marketing”, I’ve become recharged.  Recharged to write the sequels I’ve committed to, and recharged with the energy necessary to promote good work.

Previously, I invested a little over a year experimenting with boutique publishers and shared royalties, along with all the baggage that goes with the agreements and contracts. Now I’m eager to return to what I’ve discovered works well – self publishing quality fiction. If it is good enough, it will be discovered.

Jonathan Brookes, best of luck with Relic II“!  Learn more about the captivating fiction of Mr. Brookes by following his blog here.

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