Review: “We Walk Alone” – A collection of poems by Mariah E. Wilson

Five StarsYou’ll want to savor each one

Author and Poet, Mariah E. Wilson

Author and Poet, Mariah E. Wilson

One of the best things about a collection of poems is that the reader can enjoy the sensation of each poem in manageable bite sized pieces.  However, this collection provided a different experience for me.  I hadn’t intended for Ms. Wilson’s work to captivate me the way that it did.  I read every poem, some of them twice and others I read out loud – all in one sitting.

Ms. Wilson’s talents go beyond words.  There is a visual and almost musical aspect to the wide variety of pieces she selected for this collection. The title piece, “We Walk Alone” has a visual quality that caused me to read with a rhythm and pace I did not expect.  One of the other pieces, “The End of Daydreams”gave me an appreciation for the care the author took in selecting poems that fit together, forming the overall theme of the collection. Of note, there were a few other favorites that I plan on going back to read again.  Among them; “The Echo Remains,” a piece that serves as a reminder that memories can be bittersweet, and “The Ugly Ones,” which I thought would resonate with anyone who’s ever engaged in the creative arts.

I do not consider myself a connoisseur of the poetry genre, but I could tell right away that I was reading the work of an author who has studied this art form.  Her passion for her work came through in every stanza. When I read “The Sad Ones Are The Best,” I could tell Ms. Wilson must have been having a bit of fun with the technical aspects of her chosen genre.

If you’re a reader who enjoys discovering that written words have the power to evoke deep emotion, you won’t want to miss the chance to read from this collection. Nearly all of the pieces in this remarkable collection are still lingering in my thoughts.

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