Book Review: TRUE blue by Indie Author Susan Rae

TB CoverFive Stars

Cold Case Comes Alive!

The third installment of Susan Rae’s DeLuca Family Series is a fast paced novel with enough drama to keep me reading late into the night. Ms. Rae is a master of creating tension among the characters that I came to know and like. Joey DeLuca is a detective with a strong sense of dedication to his job and family. His wife Andrea is also on the force. What happens in the first chapters will challenge the love and dedication the couple have for one another.

TRUE blue opens with action and tragedy that coincidentally conjures up a cold case. When fellow detective, Mark Beattie is run down at the scene of a crime, the past comes to life with the recollections of another detective, Sean McConnell, who was murdered twenty-four years earlier. Megan McConnell was just a girl when her father was killed. She and her mother had disappeared to Arizona to get away from the tragedy, but when Megan’s mother dies, she returns to Chicago where family secrets come to the surface. The drama and tension between Joey and Andrea mount as Joey becomes more involved in working with Megan to discover the missing evidence needed to find the killer.

The plot threads in this story are excellent – just enough to keep the reader wondering what the connections are and still full of surprises at every turn, all the way till the end. Though this is a third in the series, Ms. Rae does a masterful job linking it to ICE blue via characters Angela DeLuca and Troy Deavers, who only play minor roles in this novel, which can stand on its own. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to read the other two books in the series.

I can’t wait to read more from Susan Rae – she’s got this genre wired!

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