“The Hundred Year House” – poems by Michael McDowell

Five Star Review

mcdowell_hundredyear_largeGenuine Local Nostalgia

There is a story in everything and the poetry contained within the pages of McDowell’s collection is nothing short of extra-ordinary. The printed version is thin but densely packed with colorful descriptions that evoke emotion for any reader yearning for the memories of days gone by, or a recollection from a great day out.

On the cover of the printed collection is a genuine artist’s rendition of “The Hundred Year House,” that served as the central theme for author, Michael McDowell. After reading and savoring each of the poems – which for me were mini stories, I realized that in its entirety, this collection is a coming of age experience that any reader can identify with. McDowell’s choice of words and phrases ring with an authenticity of an age that we can long for. Younger readers may not even have to wonder or imagine the process of doing laundry with “ringer washer.” With an economy of words, McDowell paints a pretty clear picture of a summer afternoon describing how doing laundry can be so much more than just doing a chore.

I can still taste the salt of Long Beach and feel the sensations of a hike to Wahkeena Falls. From this most recent experience of reading McDowell’s collection, I’ve discovered something I really love about poetry, something beyond the efficiency of compact sentences and pace. What I love is that I’m more likely to read my favorites more than once, maybe out loud, and maybe even to memorize the good ones in order to recite them to those in need of a spiritual boost.

Anyone who identifies themselves as a resident of the Pacific Northwest cannot afford to miss reading from this collection.

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    A collection of Romantic readings for a Romantic evening.

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