Portland Poet Michael McDowell “On Life in the Pacific Northwest”

I met with poet and writing professor, Michael McDowell a few weeks ago.  He teaches Literature and Writing at Portland Community College. During our meeting, we focused our conversation on our shared experiences with writing, self-publishing, and working with small press publishers. The best part of our meeting occurred moments before we parted company. That was when Michael presented me with a copy of The Hundred Year House

The first thing that struck me when he handed me the glossy paperback, was the cover – centered on the modest design is a masterful piece of art.  I asked Michael about the origin of the cover art – He said he stumbled on it in a gift shop where it was displayed on a post card rack. He immediately recognized it as the summer home of his youth. Later, with a short note to the artist, Michael obtained the copyright to use it for the cover of this collection.

MichaelMcDowellI asked Michael what inspired this wonderful collection

In His own Words:

As for what inspired me to publish the collection: Well, I love and value the Pacific Northwest—beaches, cities, and rural areas, especially mountains—and I think a first step to getting everyone to protect and care for the land we live on is to encourage seeing it as a landscape filled with stories of the people we’ve loved and who made it possible for us to live here.”

I posted a the review of the collection here on this blog.

Don’t miss the opportunity to read the collection’s description and editorial reviews located on Amazon.

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