Book Review: “Born on the Continent – Ubuntu” by Gertrude Matshe

UbuntuFive Stars

Culture Journey

This story isn’t a typical memoir. If it was, I wouldn’t have been interested in reading it. Ms. Matshe took me on a culture journey that started in Africa – a hot dusty village in Zimbabwe would be more precise. This is the kind of non-fiction that fits square in the middle of my favorite themes of triumph over tragedy.

Matshe takes her readers on a personal journey. Her observations are presented with colorful place descriptions and her trials are full of the kind of emotion that kept me reading. I enjoyed the way she wove the textures of native language and the importance of community into each of the chronological pathways of a life full of hard work.

Generally, I’m not a fan of the memoir genre, but this one is different. Matshe must indeed be as selfless and humble as her story suggests. Having seen the ravages of a horrible epidemic, she and her husband are both committed to working toward the stamping out of HIV/AIDS. The best part of this story comes at the end. You’ll have to read it to discover the context of the quote, “The Keeper – the protector of the innocents, the giver of hope, the energizer, the motivator and the comforter of the sick and dying.”

Pick up a copy and rest assured that the royalties will go to an important cause. Thanks again Gertrude for sharing your story with us.

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