Book Review: “Crosswind” by Indie Author Lynne Cantwell

CWCoverFIVE STARS – Political Satire – Mystical Fantasy in a single package

The events that Lynne Cantwell used to frame her latest novel “Cross Wind” are set in Washington D.C. in the not too distant future, less than a decade away.  My take on Cantwell’s immaculately crafted satire on the contemporary political environment in our nations capital, is that this author hit the home run.

Cantwell introduces her readers to a cast of characters whom she has some insight into…maybe in the form of being a subject matter expert herself.  Main character, Tess Showalter is an investigative reporter.  She shares a townhouse in D.C. with a former college roomy, Sue Killeen.  Together they take on a male third to split the cost of the home they live in.  What happens later is extraordinary.  Each represent different forces of a mystical world with goddesses and ancient spirits. There are other characters on the fringes of good that take stage.  Readers will recognize them as the adversary.

Without giving away the entire plot, which by the way is plausible, the personalities of all the characters eventually collide and the story comes to a satisfying conclusion.  Though this might sound like the story is formulaic, hang on to your hat, because it is anything but…

Speaking of hats, mine goes off to Cantwell.  She delivered with precision writing craft, interesting and unique character development, and a contemporary and imaginative story presented in a setting where she has a great degree of credibility.  Lynne, please hurry up and write another.  I’m ready for it and ready for the next adventure.

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