Book Review: “Firstborn” by Indie Author, Ryan Attard

firstborn-200x300Crafty Snarky Magic are words that best describe Attard’s début novel, Firstborn.

Fans of the fantasy genre are going to love Attard’s refreshing sense of humor. The dialog is snappy and contemporary with a cast of characters readers will enjoy meeting.

Erik Ashendale is a wizard for hire with magical powers he uses to rescue the innocent from evil monsters. His sidekick Amayomon is a talking cat, who Erik sometimes allows to morph into a street smart demon in human form. Armed with Djinn,his special sword, Erik and Amaymon strike out on a mission to save the flirtatious succubus, Abigale, from evil demons and behemoth monsters. His estranged sister Gil enters the fight, taking it onto the high seas where some history behind their dysfunctional family of warlocks and wizards comes alive.

I thought “First Born” was a fun read, generally well crafted with a fast moving plot. some of the language content might not be appropriate for younger readers. Unfortunately there were some copy edit errors that discriminating readers might find distracting, but these didn’t stop me from enjoying the story.  I’m looking forward to reading more from this young creative author.

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