My Favorite Books Read in 2013

As we approach the close of 2013 and with the holiday season well underway, I thought now would be a good time to share a bit about the top five books I read this year.

My followers probably already know that my passion for reading and writing comes from fictional stories of tragedy and triumph and I love “the quiet novel.”  This year I couldn’t help but include one very special non-fiction that molds so well into this theme:


Neighbors and Wise Men is by far the most engaging read of the year.  It is non-fiction in the genre of “Spiritual Inspiration,” recommended to me by a dear friend.  One word sums it up – Epiphany

I’m not an avid reader of religious works, but this one by Tony Kriz is in a category all to its own.  It is a must read for anyone who may think of themselves a “Portlander.”  Though this work is non-fiction, it is packed full of gripping stories that fall smack in the middle of the Tragedy and Triumph theme I love so dearly.  I’ve posted the review I sent to Amazon here.

Adrift in the Sound by Indie Author Kate Campbell is a quiet novel containing a cast ofAdrift characters that for me represent a taste of Americana and draws attention to some of the pain and tragedy that with love and care can still be overcome.  The full review is on this blog.

Remember MeRemember Me by fellow Indie Author Sanela Ramic Jurich chronicles the tragedy of civil war that ripped a community apart in the village of Prijedor of northern Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992.  Jurich’s main character, Selma Jovanovich overcame the worst of tragedy and triumphed in the end.  I love stories of hope like this one.  I posted a review to this blog, earlier in the year.

Matter of Resistance by Raymond Vogel is pure science fiction but definitely fits intoMatter Of Resistance - COVER ART my theme.  Everyone loves to read stories of the underdogs coming through in the end and this story is no exception – plus it is a fun read with twists of imagination to keep anyone’s interest, whether they are a fan of Sci-fi or not.

My short story - "Exit Strategy" is included

My short story – “Exit Strategy” is included

2013:  A Stellar Collection by the authors of AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc.  Perhaps I’m a bit biased as I have a short story of my own in this collection, but that is not the main reason I put it in the top five.  The main reason is that this collection spans a huge variety of genre and contains short stories that reveal an unexpected level of creativity from this group of independent authors.  I admire and respect their work.

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