Book Review: Neighbors and Wise Men by Tony Kriz

Five Plus Stars!


At the recommendation of a close friend, I initially borrowed his copy of this compelling and inspirational work.  Instead of devouring it like I tend to do with fiction, I savored it and ended up buying a copy of my own because I knew I’d want to go back and read some of it again.  I also wanted to be able to loan it to others who I know would enjoy it.  Perhaps that is something I took away from reading this book, which I dare to say was the most inspirational piece I’ve read this year.

I am a Portlander and live just 122 steps from the front doors of the pub where Mr. Kriz, through the help of local neighbors, resurrected his faith.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the places I’ve come to know, but what gripped me the most was how Kriz drew me into an understanding of the value of community.  While reading, I was transported on a journey along with the author in his early years as a missionary in a muslim village in Albania.  I felt akin with him in the struggles he so transparently shared.

Kriz has a talent for description and clearly has a gift for observation and listening to the people he engaged.  His neighbors, both near and far, provided him with the substance for this work in the form of personal stories.  Kriz’s writing is a baring of soul, rich with descriptions of people and places.  Central to his theme is the sharing of God’s word and though he is a Christian man, Kriz obviously respects those who live as God intends regardless of religious affiliation or lack there of.  I found his transparency refreshing and not the least bit intimidating or preachy.

I give this book my highest recommendation to anyone, but for persons who call themselves Portlanders, this one needs to be at the top of their “must read” list.

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