“Finger Style Ukulele” by Aaron Keim and handwritten by Nicole Keim

The Quiet American – Old School Awesome!

Five Plus Stars for their latest publication – Finger Style Ukulele

fingercover“The Quiet American” consisting of husband and wife duo reside in Hood River, Oregon and perform all over the country.  They also provide ukulele workshops for those learning the joys of playing folk music with a ukulele.

When Aaron and Nicole published their first ukulele instructional work, “Clawhammer Ukulele – Tabs and Techniques,” they made Aaron’s excellent instruction more accessible to musicians who are unable to make it to one of the workshops.  The latest “FingerStyle Ukulele” is even better.  I was so excited when my new book arrived in the mail only two days after I ordered it!  Clawhammer Uke

In both books, student musicians will discover that Aaron’s concept of linking YouTube instructional video to each of the lessons is a big bonus. The new book also includes a selection of pieces of music that can be played in duet style as well as some melodies tabbed for both High and Low-G ukulele players.

One of the things I especially like about these books is the artwork.  Each pages is meticulously and artfully presented.  Even for those who don’t play music, fans of the Quiet American duo would enjoy having these books on their coffee table to leaf through while listening to one of their albums.

Aside from performing live and putting on ukulele workshops, “The Quiet American” also makes use of a state of the art technology to bring their music to anyone with an internet connection.  They use “Stageit” to stream live concerts right from the living room of their home in Hood River.  Their next Stagit performance is on 8 Dec – click here for more details.

Ordering a copy of “FingerStyle Ukulele” is easy from the following site:  http://quietamericanmusic.com/storestore/fingerstyle-ukulele-instruction-book-1

The original “Clawhammer Ukulele” book is available at this site: http://www.etsy.com/listing/123069359/clawhammer-ukulele-instructional-book?utm_source

Follow the Quiet American and see their schedule of performances:  http://quietamericanmusic.com

Facebook for the Quiet American:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Quiet-American/145404152208560

Follow the Quiet American on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/QuietAmerMusic

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