Book Review – Marsh Island by Indie Author Oliver F. Chase

Modern Noir Mystery Thriller – Solid 4 Stars

MI CoverThose in the mood for an armchair adventure won’t be able to put this one down. Oliver Chase’s mystery thriller, Marsh Island is a page-turner. Chase writes with a refreshing style in the genre of Sanford and Burke.

Former Army Ranger and Gulf War veteran, Phillip Pfeiffer makes his living as a private investigator. His duties amount to delivering proof to angry wives interested in catching cheating husbands. That is, until he’s hired by Bernice Trimble. She wants to find her missing beau or at least have his death certificate in-hand so she can shove it under the nose of a recalcitrant insurance company.MIBack

A thin trail of clues guide Phil through a series of misadventures that begin when he opens his motel door to find a dying sea captain felled by a deranged killer. When Phil calls the cops, he is accused and then run out of town by the local constabulary, chased by mobsters in Las Vegas, sent to Portland on a snipe hunt, and jailed in the Bahamas after being left for the sharks.

Things weren’t adding up for Phil in his search for Bernice Trimble’s husband. A lesser man might have quit but not this guy. When the trail of clues goes cold and when Phil is denied access to the information he’s after, a tenacity that once saved his life in the wreckage of an Army helicopter kicks into overdrive. Phil and his very best friend are spun down a rabbit hole of death, mayhem, and a quirky underworld of sex, secrets, and treachery.

For me, an Oliver Chase novel is welcome company for a stormy Saturday night read while sitting in my living room next to the fireplace. Chase creates dialog reminiscent of a noir film, only better. Marsh Island is written in a first person narrative with realistic dialog allowing us to see inside Phil’s heart. His relationship with Maff, a lab assistant and best friend was particularly well done. The story opened with a taut gaze into the mind of a killer – frightening actually – no one wants to be that up close and personal with a mad man even if he is just a kid.

When Phil takes over the story, the mysterious opening never quite leaves the reader’s mind. The ending is just about as exciting and devastating as it gets, especially if you are one who enjoys getting to know the characters as much as I do. With fast paced action and realistic descriptions, all loose ends are neatly tied up. I’m left with the assurance that the follow on story and conclusion of the series will be equally as good.

Chase has the credibility of an author who’s “been there and done that,” giving Marsh Island the feel of authenticity. With the year nearly at a close, “Marsh Island” was one of my favorite mystery novels. Bring on the sequel Blind Marsh and come on storm! All I can say is: Sanford? You’d best watch your back.

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