Book Review: “Dread Night” by Indie Author, Ryan Attard

Get Your Spook On – When you read this Five Star Novella –



Erik Ashendale hates Halloween.  He and his talking cat, Amaymon accept a job from a nerdy kid named Francis Halowitz who’d been dabbling in druid magic.  The problem, according to the young druid, started when one megalomaniacal wanna be druid discovered a darker side of magic.

Tobias Fartham – yes that is the name author Ryan Attard selected for the antagonist in this spooky fast paced drama.  Tobias, believes he needs a more appropriate moniker, so he calls himself “Dreadnite” and proceeds to create havoc with dark magic in reprisal for having been rejected by a teenaged girl he’d been lusting after.

As All Hallow’s Eve approaches, Dreadnite becomes more bold and attempts to cast the ultimate spell, “a Hallow spell.”  The wizard Ashendale deploys his magical talents and converts his feline cohort into human form so that the two can battle their dark rival Dreadnite.  The story’s climax occurs at the stroke of mid-night on Halloween when the two heroes confront Dreadnite in a final battle.

In this short novella, readers will enjoy Attard’s sense of humor and his grasp of the young adult genre. Well worth the $.99 for a quick romp with a few spooky kids who shouldn’t have been playing with magic in the first place.

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