Book Review: YA Paranormal Coming of Age Novel – “When Stars Die” by Amber Skye Forbes

5 Stars

Suspense and Mystery that builds and builds

Whatever formula Forbes decided to use when crafting this marvelously written and imaginative story, it is a gift any author would envy.  The story line is a clean and straight forward coming of age drama.

For those not taken by the young adult paranormal romance and mystery genre, I’d recommend reading this one regardless.  I really enjoyed Forbe’s use of language.  The story is written in the first person from the perspective of her main character Amelia, who had been a candidate for entering the professed order of nuns at a place called Cathedral Reims.  In one of the opening passages Amelia introduces us to her best friend Collete, “…every man would be vying for her attention.  She is a dance piece in a music box….”  This beautiful little nugget of imagery kept me reading every line so I wouldn’t miss discovering more treasure between the pages.

The setting is winter time in 1880 in the fictitious country of Malva, where the author’s descriptions lead readers to image a place similar to old England.  It is the perfect environment for the paranormal to emerge from the first passages, urging the reader to find out more about why an eighteen year old girl would subject herself to torturous trials to become a nun.

To summarize the story line more would spoil the magic of how Forbes eases her readers into the darkness of the story and how in the end readers will discover the result of good versus evil in a time and place “When Stars Die.”  This story, though written for a young adult audience, does contain some passages for more mature readers.

The publisher provided me with an advance review copy of “When Stars Die.”

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