Interview with Indie Author, Roland Hughes on his latest novel, “John Smith The Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars”

To start, I want to say it was an honor to be asked to review John Smith and even more so that you agreed to this interview.  I certainly enjoyed reading your book and am absolutely certain it will generate discussion among your readership.  My review can be read right here on this blog.  However, for now I think readers will be more interested in what you, the author, have to say about John Smith: The Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars:

Q: Would you mind giving readers a quick overview of what the book is about?

This is not your typical post-apocalyptic piece of fiction. It won’t be made into a block buster movie. This book focuses on the why and the how more than the what. It is designed to make the reader question every belief and “truth” they hold dear.

Q: Was this a debut novel for you or have you published earlier works?

Normally I publish geek books. I have a geek book series called “The Minimum You Need to Know”. I have put out one other novel “Infinite Exposure”. In many ways, this could be considered to be the sequel to IE.

Q: How did you decide on using an “interview” format for your main characters in John Smith?

That’s what the characters told me they wanted. We have way too many slash and burn megadisaster books hoping to be movies out there. These characters wanted to prove that tell done well really is the show.

Q: Wow, I’m going to quote that again because it pretty much sums up why I am so confident that John Smith will be a big hit…”Tell Done Well Really is the Show.”  Who would you say should pick up a copy?

People who DVR Ancient Aliens. True fans of Star Trek TNG, Battle Star Galactica and Babylon 5. I’m not talking about those people who just watch for the action and call themselves fans. I’m talking about the people who bookmark the Websites devoted to quotes from each show. The fans who are hooked on the incredible writing each show had.

Q: I read almost everything on my e-reader these days. Is there an eBook version? What about other media such as audio books?

I’m glad you asked!




Q: As the president of a publishing company, are there any perks to also being an author?

Of course. It means I don’t have to provide financial support for 200 relatives which aren’t related to me. There are far too many fat hogs feeding from the trough of a traditional publishing house. Personally I believe that within the next 3-5 years a “large” publishing house will be one that has 3 authors working for it.

Think about this. We have many news reports and documentaries covering how we are going to feed and house a global population of 9 billion, which isn’t too far off. A large percentage of the current 8+ billion both speak and read English. They are scattered across the globe, but many surf the Web. It is entirely possible for a single author to put out a work which finds 1 million fans and the author to remain completely unknown as far as the industry is concerned.

When it comes to eBooks which have no per unit production cost once created, how many do you need to sell each year to live comfortably? That’s the question every author needs to ask themselves before even looking at a traditional publishing route.

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