Book Review: “The Theory of Games” by Ezra Sidran

4 Stars

Dog Included!

The first pages of Sidran’s latest kept me reading out of curiosity more than anything. Soon I was captivated by a plot line that lasted the entire story before I knew why Sidran’s main character Jakob Grant was being held captive.

Jakob Grant tells his story in first person while being interrogated by a mysterious captor. Grant, a teacher of game theory and computer science at a private university is unexplainably fired from his position. He assumes his reputation as a game programmer is the reason he received a mysterious package from FedEx that propels him and his dog Bill, along with a few of his students, on a wild ride.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the novel’s structure was masterfully crafted. However, I couldn’t give it a full five stars because I got the feeling the author rushed it to press. The closer I got to the end, the more the copy edit errors tripped me up. The ending was maybe a little contrived, but fitting for this story that could hold its own with any thriller out there on the market today.

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