Interview with Raymond Vogel, Author of Matter of Resistance

To begin, I want to say that it is an honor to be able to interview you right before your new novel’s release.  It’s an exciting time for an author, albeit a busy one.  I enjoyed reading Matter of Resistance.  For me it was entertaining and thought provoking.  As an “Indie Author” myself, I hope to share the same excitement when my new novel, A Dangerous Element is released later this year. I wasn’t surprised that we touch on similar themes.

Readers can find my review of Raymond Vogel’s Matter of Resistance on my blog and at Amazon.

Matter Of Resistance - COVER ART

Okay, let’s get started:

Q: Would you mind giving readers a quick overview of what the book is about?

Matter of Resistance spans roughly a decade of time during our Mars’ settlement’s struggle for independence from Earth. A handful of power brokers on Earth are driving the Earth Space Fleet to attack Mars to gain access to a material there known as Magnematter. But much of the book is centered around the Marsian Isaac Raleigh, a creative and brilliant child who becomes part of his planet’s leadership group – at a time when his ideas are sorely needed. There’s cool new technology, a touch of romance, and enough action scenes to keep things interesting.

Q: I understand this is a second edition. Has a lot changed since the first?

Yes and no. The story, the characters, and the plot are the same. But my process included started at page one and rewriting the entire thing. What had changed over the years (it was first drafted between 2007 and 2008) was my writing style.

One of the biggest changes was the technology development. There were lengthy descriptions about technology in the first edition that I suspect only a select few readers were interested in learning about. They enjoyed it, or at least told me so, but fewer folks finished it than I would have liked. This one still gives you the sense of technology and enough details to get your gears turning, but it doesn’t belabor the point. The end result was about 100 pages worth of content being dropped from the original version, almost exclusively from the first half of the book, and another 50 being added back in. If I were to guess, I’d say much of the content that was added in was embellishing descriptions and dialogue to bring the reader a bit further into the Marsian world.

The end result was a book that fans say “I couldn’t put down” and “I flew through it” about. The comments I received on the previous version were “once I got through it” and “I promise I’ll finish it one of these days.” I’m much prouder of the Second Edition.

Q: When the first settlement crew goes up, will you be aboard?

What an adventure that would be! If so many books hadn’t already been written on the subject, I might have written that story, perhaps as a prequel to Matter of Resistance. I watch folks like Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX, and silently urge him forward in his dream to make that first crew happen. There’s no shortage of life in the universe, at least according to our scientists and statisticians, and I’d very much like to see the gap between our Earth’s surface and the rest of our solar system shrink dramatically.

Q: Who do you think should pick up a copy?

Ah, the audience question. Just between us, I didn’t write the book with a specific target audience in mind. Or, to be even more honest about, I wrote it with myself in mind.

One of my favorite books of all time, and the one that arguably got me interested in science fiction in the first place, is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, and there are several oblique references in my book that fans of Ender’s Game are likely to recognize immediately. Not to compare my writing to Card’s (our politics certainly don’t align), but I think the reading audience is similar – young adults. I hope my book becomes yet another way to encourage young minds to dream about the future in the way that I have. I want someone to finish my book, walk outside on a clear night, and stare up at the vast blackness in amazement and wonder.

Q: I read almost everything on my Kindle these days. Is there an eBook version?

There is, but it’s not for sale. It will be given exclusively to readers willing to post their honest reviews online (meaning, they get it for free) – for the next few months, anyway. If folks are interested in one, they’ll have to send my Contract Manager, Heather Hebert (, a note.

Q: As the owner of a publishing company, are there any perks to also being an author?

Ha! Not really. It’s possible that a select few individual authors pay more attention to me than they would have. But, in the end, the quality of the book will have to carry itself, or not. I signed the same contract my authors did, and I think it helps me understand how best to support them.

Raymond, thank you again for joining me and sharing your insights with us.  I have no doubt Matter of Resistance will be a raving success and look forward to reading your next novel.  Best of luck!

About Matter of Resistance:

The science fiction imagining of a former rocket scientist, Matter of Resistance pushes technology and human nature to the limits as it chronicles our Mars settlement’s struggle for independence from Earth. Though it was written for young adults, it’s received high praise and recommendations from a retired NASA senior executive, a retired USAF Colonel, and the current Senior Staff scientist managing Materials and Processes for the NASA Orion Program. Matter of Resistance “examines space travel within the possibilities of today’s technology and in the context of natural human drives,” and delivers an experience that’s “captivating, suspense-filled reading, beginning to end.”

Some of the places you can find Matter of Resistance:

Outside the US:

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  1. Loved this insightful interview.

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