Book Review: “Matter of Resistance” by Raymond Vogel

5 Stars for Vogel’s just released SciFi novel – It is Out of This World Entertaining!

Readers who enjoyed “Enders Game,” won’t want to miss reading this latest SciFi by Raymond Vogel. This author writes with the authority of one who understands military security and government organizational structure giving credibility to the plot.   It is well paced and packed with action and personality that kept me reading late into the night.

Set in a future where critical resources became scarce, humans from Earth colonized Mars in hopes of exploiting the energy source, Magnematter.  Vogel drops the reader right into the center of the action with the birth of protagonist Isaac Raleigh to Martian parents Marena and Jacob.  The clever choices of names the author used for Isaac’s parents were enough for me to keep reading only to discover the many other subtle treasures in this well crafted story.

We quickly discover that intelligence in Martian offspring evolve leaps and bounds each generation.  Years earlier, Mars was attacked by Earthicans, with their superior intellect, Marsians created a shield to protect their world but it won’t stand up to the latest weaponry being developed on Earth.

Greed and power are still a driving force on Earth, where corrupt industry leaders and a military industrial complex thrive on perpetuating old paradigms of human conflict.  It is only a matter of time before the Earthicans engineer a rationale to re-attack Mars.  It is only a matter of resistance for the Marsians to develop a means of protection.

In this highly entertaining page-turner, Vogel takes on several themes pointing out the irrationality of human conflict.  This is one that should be mandatory reading at the Defense Department’s War Colleges.

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