Book Review: “The Self Publishing Playbook” by Shane Lee

Four Stars on this “Fast Moving Train”

When Shane Lee offered me a review copy of his latest volume on self publishing, I was reluctant to take him up on it but in the end, glad I did.  As an indie author, I’ve read quite a number of books in this category.  However, Shane did something with “The Self Publishing Playbook” that others seemed to lack, he established some credibility with his target audience by interviewing twelve successful self published authors.

Lee tailored a series of interview questions for each of the authors in order to tease out their insights on what they did in the process of writing, self publishing, and marketing their work.  I was already familiar with many of the tips and advice contained within the pages, but quickly realized that the words of Mr. Lee and the authors he interviewed motivated me to continue seeking out new ways of improving my own journey as an indie author.

The only critique or perhaps warning I can offer to potential readers of this kind of book is that the transitional landscape between traditional publishing and self publishing is very fast moving.  Already some of the techniques presented in “The Self Publishing Playbook” need updating to keep up with the changes in the industry.  My advice is that if one is interested in learning about self publishing, they’d better get the latest and read it quick before things change too much.

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