Book Review: “My Beautiful Bus” by Jacques Jouet Translated by Eric Lamb

Five Stars – Masterfully Lyrical

Jouet’s prose sang to me from the very first sentence.  In his wonderfully crafted novella, Jouet conjures up emotions of happiness and laughter as he takes you along a journey through France aboard “My Beautiful Bus.”

The characters are all so diverse, from those that travel on their journey from here to there and the locals who get on and off between villages where friends and relatives reside.  The landscape passes by the windows of the meticulously maintained bus that is ready for every stretch of the journey.  From the eccentric driver of the bus, Basile, to the quirky passengers, to include the author, readers will laugh out loud.  Jouet will make you feel as though you’re riding along watching the windows fog up inside as more and more passengers board at the various stops along the way in the early hours of the day.

I went there, to every local, along with Jouet as he reflects on the writings of other philosophical authors of days past.  For the proud reader, “My Beautiful Bus” is a piece that should be displayed prominently on the shelf in the main room of the house.  I was torn when I finished reading this light-hearted story, an escape that took me from the grind of day-to-day.  Torn because the journey was over, but elated with happiness.   Jouet is a master of wit and observation and to have it translated into English with such accuracy and emotion was for me a delicious treat.

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