Book Review: “Minutes Before Sunset” by Indie Author Shannon Thompson

Indie author, Shannon Thompson’s first published novel is perfectly suited for young adult readers and shouldn’t be overlooked by adults who enjoy a subtle paranormal romance. “Minutes” is the first volume of a three part series that takes place in a small town in middle America.Hayworth High School students, Eric, Crystal, Robb, and newcomer Jessica seem ordinary enough, but Eric Welborn and Jessica Taylor are on a path of discovery in an alternative world where good and evil are about to clash. By night, Eric transforms into the “Shade,” Shoman and prepares for the day he turns 18 and must battle a powerful warrior, Darthon, of the “Light.” Readers will soon discover the predictable role Jessica plays in the story but Ms. Thompson lays out the plot in such a way that you’ll keep turning the pages to find out what will happen next.

I loved the character development. I think young adult readers will be able to identify with them. I’m looking forward to reading the the other books in the series.

My Kindle review copy was given to me by the author through publisher AEC Stellar, Inc.

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