Book Review: “Secret Amazon Hacks and other cool tricks for Kindle Authors” by C. Preston Stone

After reading the blurb for this self help for “indie authors” book, I couldn’t resist buying it.  Generally, I’m not a self help book reader even though I have read just about every guide for self publishing authors interested in breaking into the field and marketing their work. Stone’s latest is brief and concise. There is more than enough value within the pages to justify the purchase.

Some authors may discover some of the content is a grouping of information that is readily available for those already published via Kindle Direct Publishing or via Create Space, a subsidiary of Amazon. However, I learned a thing or two about tapping into Amazon’s group of “Top Reviewers” shortcutting the effort of heavy marketing via social networks just to get reviews posted.

Even though there are a few grammatical flaws that suggest this non-fiction “how to” info guide was rushed to the press, it was worth it. If you’ve tried everything already or if you know nothing about marketing your soon to be self published novel, this short work is worth the investment. It will pay back in spades.

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