Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award – 2013

Submissions for Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award for 2013 open in just under two weeks.  The first obstacle for an Indie Author is to be among the first of the 10,000 submissions accepted before Amazon shuts the door.  That may prove to be a bigger challenge than most Indies are ready for.

Regardless, I built my submission package (Manuscript, Excerpt, Pitch and Bio/photo etc).  I’m posting the “Pitch” here to get used to seeing it and making changes according to recommendations from anyone stumbling onto this blog:

The People In Between:  A Cyprus Odyssey, by Gregory S. Lamb

Kiraz “Nora” Johansson born to a family whose history was shaped by the conflicts in Cyprus during the ’60s and ’70s. Growing up in America’s heartland and raised by her father, she yearns to learn everything about her deceased mother. In her early twenties, Nora accepts an invitation to tend an artist’s gallery in Cyprus. Her journey lands her in the arms of an easy going Greek Cypriot. Nora discovers the charms of sunny Cyprus along with its turbulent history, marred by a capital city still divided by a demilitarized zone.

Nora’s terminally ill father reveals some of their family’s secrets to her. She learns that her Turkish Cypriot mother, who died while giving birth, had a younger sister possibly still living in Cyprus. Nora returns to the United States to attend graduate school, following her dream of becoming a diplomat. The interruption puts her love life on hold and delays her search for her lost aunt.

The relations she forged with influential people during her initial visit to Cyprus, unexpectedly earns Nora a posting to the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia as the Cultural and Press Attaché. She reunites with her Greek Cypriot boyfriend and resumes the search for her aunt.  Nora, of Turkish Cypriot blood together with her Greek Cypriot lover pursue a dream of a greater hope that Cyprus will become unified and Cypriots will no longer be a people united in a country divided.

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  1. Reblogged this on Gregory S. Lamb – PDX and commented:

    I’m making updates to the “Pitch” based on input from some very generous and informed novelists, editors, and bloggers.

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