Updates from an Indie Author

With NaNoWriMo in the rear view mirror, December is a month of catching up and giving something back by reading and reviewing the work of others.

In addition, we “Indies” need to do house cleaning and a bit of self care.  I’ve accomplished the first priority on my list;  fixing the “few” but important copy edit issues readers of “The People In Between:  A Cyprus Odyssey” appropriately identified.  As a result of the generous assistance of my readers, I’ve had the latest version of the manuscript copy edited again and the latest revisions are now out for sale and distribution.

Digital editions are available from Smashwords and Amazon at reduced prices.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to lower the price of the paperback.  It is already at the lowest price possible for international distribution.  It breaks my heart that I can’t lower the cost as I am so passionate about the story getting out for consumption by the broadest of audiences.  Regardless, I wanted to be sure readers are rewarded with the best possible product I’m able to provide.

For those who received or purchased a first edition with the 2010 original copyright, in spite of the copy edit errors, I thank you for your support.  I also wish to remind those readers of the history surrounding the evolution of commercial publishing and fledgeling novelists that copy edit errors have always crept onto the pages of even the best authors work.  I urge those interested to go back and investigate the rationale behind multiple copyrights, editions, and releases of works of fiction.   It wasn’t uncommon in those days to see the same kinds of copy edit errors in a first edition, which is why they are so valued today.

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