Post NaNoWriMo – Indie Writer’s Agenda

In November I write.  Of course there is some reading for pleasure and distraction, but nothing serious and nothing significant enough to write a review for because November is for NaNoWriMo.

In December I read.  I read everything that piles up in November, even the serious stuff. For those independently authored novels that deserve a review, I write and post reviews. This is my month for giving back.

In January and the new year I edit.  That fuzzy first draft written in November gets a once over and then some.  The website, the blog, the Amazon and Smashwords author pages get their long overdue updates.

February is for decisions.  Investing the time, effort, and possibly money to move forward with the product from November is often the first decision needing to be addressed.  Or, or…that fabulous idea that emerged back in November but didn’t get the attention it deserved because there was only 24 hours to go before validating the 50K+ words on the NaNoWriMo website.

Deciding to take that plunge into an entirely new and adventurous project is what February is for me.  That project may just account for the story writing that will consume the months of March through October.  Then the cycle repeats itself.

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