Book Review: “Two Moons of Sera Vol. 1” by Indie Author Pavarti K. Tyler

Two Moons is a reference to the moons orbiting the planet where Serafey and her mother live in exile, safe from the war between the Sualwet and Erdlander people.

Serafey is a hybrid of the two species of people and a wonderful character among the small collection created by author Pavarti K. Tayler. The author’s innovation of place and the wonderful prose she uses to describe the experiences of her characters was gripping from the first pages of the prologue through to the end.

In this first installment of Tyler’s four volume series the reader experiences Sera’s developing relationship with the mysterious Torkek or “Tor” as he is called in the story. Tor also has a pet named Elgon that closely resembles a dog. Sera and her mother’s circumstances change very quickly as a result of the conflict between the two species of beings. Sera, Tor, and Elgon end up escaping violence into another living situation that is completely foreign to them.

The story is fast paced with lots of plot elements that are sure to keep any reader entertained. Tyler’s style flows well and the story’s structure is flawless. The prologue may seem slightly out of place, but this is a first volume of four. I suspect Tyler will connect the experiences of Nilafey who was introduced in the prologue, to the meat of this story and not disappoint her readers by leaving them hanging. Now I’ve got to read the othes to find out more about the beginning and the end of this fascinating tale.

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