NaNoWriMo Update – Synopsis of “A Dangerous Element”, an Espionage Thriller

A former combat pilot is recruited as a Department of Defense Human Intelligence Specialist and becomes embroiled in the destruction of a nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz, Iran.  In 2005 following a brainstorming session with DARPA’s Scientific Advisory Board, Major Mark “Coolhand” Reynolds was consulted about a strategy he advocated as a means to delay Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon.

Little does Mark know his idea evolved into the operations plan that nearly succeeded four years later.  What the masterminds did not forecast was what happened when the delivery method leaked.  Mark becomes the target of another classified human intelligence experiment gone bad and can’t put his trust in anyone since both sides want him.

His only option is to go off grid to buy time to figure out why he’s the target, but he’s got bigger problems.  He has to find out which international entity the Iranian intelligence apparatus has in mind for using the one and only weapon their government made from material that was developed before Natanz imploded.

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