“Fall of the Citizens” by Eric Thomas – “Indie” Book Review

A Provocative and Fun Read

If you take the occupy movement, throw in some conspiracy and corporate greed, then mix in some action and violence, you’ll have the ingredients for the kind of revolution Eric Thomas writes about in his page turning thriller, “Fall of the Citizens.”

The setting is dystopian Detroit where out of work or under employed law enforcement and veteran soldiers are drawn by a twisted egocentric leader named Max, who spurs a revolution against a pharmaceutical corporation and the U.S. Government.

Josh, the computer and network hacker is teamed up with Betty, former cop with a violent streak, to count themselves among the first members of the Citizens. The Citizens organized under Max begin a revolution against the establishment. Elaborating further would spoil the fun of reading this story.

Could the events in this novel actually happen? Hopefully not, but you won’t be looking for things to say, “no way that could never happen,” because Thomas’s characters are so entertaining and you’ll want to see what happens at the end. Read it and find out. Readers who are at all queazy reading graphic violence might steer clear.

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