Book Review: Free Fall by Susan Rae

Tension, Suspense, Crime, and Mystery

The author has a knack for creating tension and suspense, not just to move the plot along, but to develop heated relationships between each of the characters as well.

The setting for “Free Fall” is a family run general aviation business. Rae knows the business and did a great job with the passages about flying and fixing small planes. Her main character, Kate Reynolds along with her brother Keith’s Army buddy Everett Larson, are thrust together when Keith’s plane mysteriously crashes.

Kate and Everett develop an attraction for each other and the romantic tension builds throughout the story at the same pace as the suspense surrounding the mystery of Keith’s accident. To say more would spoil the fun.

Overall, the story’s structure flows well and the writing is smooth. Rae does something that is rare for this genre. In a few of the passages, she presents the body language of her characters through a smooth flow of prose. The reader not only comes to know the characters through dialog, but can easily visualize their interactions.

For those looking to enjoy a good aviation yarn, “Free Fall” is sure to satisfy that itch.

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