FlashFiveFriday: #11 – House

Portland Oregon – Southeast Neighborhood – 2009

The couple was becoming weary and worn from all the homes their realtor had shown them over the previous week.  True to her profession, the realtor maintained a bright and happy disposition while encouraging the middle aged couple to continue their search.

“I don’t know why this lock is so sticky,” said the realtor while shaking the key around to loosen up the mechanism and hopefully unlatch the front door. “It’s probably just because it’s a new lock.  As you can see the place has been totally renovated, top to bottom.”

Sally tugged on her husband’s sleeve.  “Honey, I think this is the one.  I have a good feeling about it,” she said as they stood on the front porch.

“Let’s just wait until we see inside.  You never know,” Ross whispered back to his wife.

“It was built in the ‘Craftsman’ style in 1910.  Lathe and plaster walls throughout,” the realtor told them.

Sally leaned in close to Ross, taking in the bright glow from the hardwood reflecting back the sunlight casting a glow throughout the main floor.  “I’ll bet there is a story behind each of the stains on the hardwood floor.”

“Throw rugs are your best friend,” the realtor commented.

“The bedrooms are a bit small, but I love the kitchen and bath.  What do you think honey?”  she asked.

Ross just smiled and said, “It’s ninety-nine years old, which means it’s probably haunted.”

“Let’s take it anyway.  I’m not afraid of any ghost.”

“No, but you’re still afraid of the dark.”

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3 Responses to FlashFiveFriday: #11 – House

  1. mbm8377 says:

    House hunting is a frustrating ordeal. I think I’d take a haunted house if I deemed it the “one” in every other way! 😀

  2. Great post Gregory.

    Another potential haunted house scenario. Like it 🙂

    Not sure I’d want to live in that house though.

  3. Jenn Crowell says:

    I live near Portland and frequently covet Craftsman-style houses in SE, so I’m with Sally on this one! The stories behind the hardwood stains in a ninety-year-old house could go in so many cool directions …

    Thanks for sharing!

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