Book Review – “The Mind Man” by Peter Richmond

What if a person could concentrate hard enough to control another person’s mind, making them do things they normally wouldn’t? What if this person was bullied as a child and wanted revenge? Is it possible to become extraordinarily wealthy with such talents? You’ll find out once you get started reading Peter Richmond’s paranormal thriller, The Mind Man,  and you won’t be able to put it down.

Richmond takes you on a romp around the world as he weaves together the relationships between all of the characters in this highly entertaining story. His place descriptions from Australia, Rarotonga, Mexico, and Europe make you feel like you are there right along with the well developed cast of characters who you’ll enjoy getting to know.

Ted is a cop who doesn’t like his job and dreams of changing careers to become a California wine grape grower. His wife isn’t on board though and when a freak accident happens on the local interstate, Ted finds himself getting swept up into the most gripping investigation of his career. He involves his reluctant wife Sally, who’s relationship with the antagonist, Adam Henderson creates even more tension for Ted.

Richmond did a fantastic job creating his “Mind Man,” Adam who is responsible for most of the plot. You’ll have to read the story to learn about Adam.  The protagonist, Ted does something really cheesy near the story’s climax but it was essential to the plot and sets everything up for a satisfying conclusion.  I’m sure other readers will look forward to the sequel just as much as I am.

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