Why do I Blog?

I’m a writer and what better way to discipline myself to write than to blog.  I don’t mean just posting random thoughts about a day in the life of an independent author, but rather blogging with a purpose.

I blog because I like to share my thoughts about the novels I read.  I want people to enjoy what I’ve enjoyed if they are so inclined.  I want the writers of those wonderful stories to know what I enjoyed about the work they labored over.  I want to protect the artists that work hard to distinguish themselves from the masses of others who put little effort into their writing.

I post without remorse, reviews that steer readers away from wasting time on novels that lacked attention on the part of the author.  For example, bad grammer, and copious amounts of copy edit errors are a drag on the community of independent authors who pay attention to such things.  Most “Indies” are professionals who chose the more difficult path because their work is worth reading.  Bloggers get that and I’m one of them.

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