Goodreads | Gregory Lamb (Portland, OR)’s review of CHASM

Goodreads | Gregory Lamb (Portland, OR)’s review of CHASM.

It isn’t very often when a début novel by an independent author comes along to grab the attention of discriminating readers.  That is exactly what David Felder’s recently released novel, Chasm does.  Steven King fans will love this page-turner full of suspense that grabs the reader from the very beginning.

This author knows his stuff.  From his well-chosen place descriptions to his understanding of orbital mechanics and the science of manned space travel, every detail in this story comes alive because it is so believable.  The characters are well developed and the dialogue meshes well with the plot.  This psychological-techno thriller is a masterpiece of contemporary fiction that will appeal to a broad range of adult readers.

The story opens with the introduction of Michael Potter, who is soon discovered to be a serial killer.  At first Potter seems like the cliché of the bad guy who grew up to become a master at planning each step of his crimes so he doesn’t get caught.  What he didn’t plan on is the ingenuity of the protagonist, Dr. Jerry Franklin who is in fact a rocket engineer.

When Jerry wakes up after a brutal encounter with Potter, he discovers he’s been locked aboard the supply rocket that will be in lunar orbit until the supplies are needed.  Not only is Jerry an intelligent engineer with the ability to solve nearly any problem, he’s got survival instincts to boot.

Every chapter is filled with detail and every detail builds up to a suspenseful and thrilling finale.  There are a number of clever links between the characters in this story, including Franklin’s wife and son, who Potter takes a special interest in.  The story culminates in an exciting and surprising conclusion.  I hope David Felder has another hat trick for us because Chasm was such a great read!

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